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I've been attending the workshop out of Presque Isle this week regarding RTI, and it seems that the discussion regarding tiers has created some confusion for me.  Our school has been looking at tiers differently.  My school is looking at it as both Tiers 1 & 2 being supplemental, but a higher and lower level, rather than Tier 1 = in class intervention, Tier 2 = supplemental, and Tier 3 = special education services, which I understood in our workshop today (Tuesday, June 28th)


My question is whether there is a right way to look at tiers or is my school also looking at it in the right way?  I want to make sure there isn't any confusion when we begin working on this later this summer.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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The typical way the Tiers are understood is:


Tier 1 = Core curricula in general education (provided to all students)

Tier 2 = Supplemental instruction of about 30 minutes 3-5 days each week (usually in small groups)

Tier 3 = Intensive instruction of 30-60 ADDITIONAL instruction daily in addition to the above (usually individualized)


Special education is not specifically in the Tiers because all the Tiers are general education. Students with disabilities who have IEP's get those services above and beyond any Tiered services. In some other states Tier 3 is special education but not in Maine. In Maine the Tiers and special education are separate. 

Thank you very much!  I'm forwarding this to our guidance department, who's also involved in getting RTI started in our school.  I appreciate the clarification.




We tried the Special Education students in our Tier 2/3 groups but they were substantially below the students we were trying to target. So next week we are going to try them in separate groups by themselves so I can reach those others who just need extra instruction to possibly meet the standards.  Is this an okay move?




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