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I work with the students a Lewiston Middle School. I'm wondering what other schools are doing in regards to student and or parent teams. We are focusing on a "new" student video and filming PBIS procedures but we'd like to see what else is out there? Our students would like a wiki, a wordpress and ability to film and promote PBIS and positive events happening at our school. 

Barriers innclude:

  • Filming events and media permission ( School and PBIS liability)
  • ability of  students collecting and reporting data
  • Parent involvement because of time of day

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Comment by Shayna Malyata on April 26, 2012 at 4:19pm

HI Rick!

I just wanted to connect with you.  My school in Portland has just started the PBIS process.  It's exciting.  How is it working in Lewiston?

Take care,


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